December 29, 2005

New rock photography up

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Well… sorta. Some of it is rather old. I finally got a few minutes to edit some photos – new and old – and add them to the rock photo gallery. I’ve recently updated my equipment from the old FujiFilm to a Nikon D50. So. Wow. I guess next up is actually learning how to use the damn thing. Reading the manual though? Come on. That’s SO boring.

Anyway, if you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for me to update the gallery, your time has come. Check out photos of band like The Little Killers, Valis, The Stuckups, The Cinch, X27, The Earaches, Bob Log III, The Eastside Suicides, Ronson Family Switchblade, The Electric Kisses and the Urgencies to name a few. I’ll be adding new photos as well as a backlog about a mile long.

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