September 29, 2008

The Ruby Suns at Mars Bar

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The Ruby Suns live at the Mars Bar, Seattle, WA.

Last week I met up with an old friend from Tucson whom I didn’t realize has lived up here in Seattle for four years. We reconnected by virtue of the unyielding and strangely magical power of the series of tubes. We decided to meet up and we head over to Cafe Venus to grab something to eat and a couple of beers.

Though there are typically live shows Thursday-Saturday at the Venus counterpart, Mars Bar, I was surprised to learn The Ruby Suns were playing later that Wednesday night. I walked home to grab my camera and headed back to the place.

Though I had picked up one their Sea Lion release early this year on a recommendation, this was my first chance to see the band live. They performed a short, lively and interesting set; a mix of triggered loops and samples, cocktail drums and live instrumentation. I actually ran into Ryan McPhun last night at the Sloan show (which I’ll post photos from soon) at Chop Suey and spoke with him briefly. He mentioned circa 1999, Sloan was one of his favorite bands at the time. Enough of my rambling, here are the resulting photographs from The Ruby Suns’ performance, in case you didn’t click on the giant photo atop this post.

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