July 29, 2006

El Spark Roboto

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sparkrobot I had run across one of these in a toy store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire years ago and passed it by. At the time I thought I was probably just being a sucker for the packaging. I didn’t pass on the domain name however, partially inspired by a book I was reading at the time. I’ve used this site mainly as a gallery/blog since then. I ran across another Spark Robot on ebay recently and caved right in. I put up some pictures on Flickr.

July 28, 2006

Sinister stomping grounds

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I was surprised to stumble on the Western State Hospital Hill Ward ruins in Fort Steilacoom Park a couple weekends ago. Judging by the graffiti, I’m probably the only one who didn’t know about it. I guess it’s been abondoned since 1972. Here’s a link to recent article from TheNewsTribune.com detailing some problems in the area, and here are some photos of the ruins.

The Art of Poster

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The smell of graphic design in the morning… Bumped into a Polish poster website which contains 5000 images and descriptions of posters from Polish artists 1900-2005 via Design Observer. Great stuff here including Polish versions of American Movie posters. That’s my people

July 24, 2006

Downtown Tacoma Condos

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It’s all the rage. Tacoma has been attempting to reinvent itself and prop up the downtown area as the happening city center.


July 22, 2006

Spin, stay, shake

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Spin, stay, shake

Last weekend we hit the Humane Society’s Dog-A-Thon down at Forst Steilacoom park. My wife put herself (and her dog) on the task and helped to raise $500 toward the no kill shelter in Pierce County. I think overall, the event raised $151,000, up $30K from last year. This was a pretty good opportunity to shoot some photos, and that I did. There are a bunch of dog-a-thon photos up on my Flickr site.

July 11, 2006

Hot poster collection

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URSEPTINEI ran across this hot poster collection whilst flickring. Appropriately enough, I’ve just returned from a trip to Mexico, though I didn’t see much good design. Just a bunch of tourists and some jungle. This will have to suffice. This poster could easily be swapped into a Heads of State poster for a rock band… Who knew bronchial pulmonary medicine could be so much fun? Just saw the Heads of State featured in the latest Communication Arts Illustration annual. It’s just one of those kind of days…