March 13, 2008

Save Polaroid – Save Instant Film

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Since the announcement from Polaroid that they would cease to manufacture in February, a group of instant film enthusiasts and talented artists have pooled together in joint effort to save instant film by creating I have a couple of SX-70 Polaroids that I’d love to keep using, so I can certainly get into the movement. Hopefully, with some nudging, either Polaroid or another manufacturer will step in to produce more film in the future.

From the site:

Since this announcement, we’ve been assembling articles, links, stories and planning out the best way to create a joint effort to save instant film. We’ve contacted Polaroid, Fuji and Ilford about licensing. We have more in the works and will update this site regularly.

Link to Save Polaroid – Save Instant Film.

March 8, 2008

Summons Response Completed

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Thank you * for completing your Jury Summons response online.
Status: Not Qualified. You are excused from Jury Duty.
Reason: Moved from jurisdiction

Sweet. Extra perks.