August 19, 2008

Mono in VCF

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mono in vcf live at lo-fi performance gallery

From one of the darkest rooms I’ve ever taken pictures in without a flash, come some of the grainiest pictures. Tacoma band Mono in VCF playing live at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery last Saturday night in Seattle. Mono in VCF photo gallery.

August 11, 2008

The All Wave Philosophy

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From the Breeder’s digital newsletter disseminator, a note on All Wave Recording Philosophy:

The “All Wave” philosophy, which loosely stated, is that everything should be an analog sound recording of someone playing or singing, rather than using a computer to generate or digitally manipulate sounds separated from the dimension of time in which they were performed.

Okay. And newsletters should be cut and pasted together by hand using xacto knives, tape and over-caffeinated all night copy shop xerox sessions and solely distributed via pony express. Or maybe simply telegraphy will suffice.

I like records. And I like analog stuff. Although admittedly, I did not know music should not be made unless it can be created using technology innovated decades ago.

The note concludes with a quote from Steve Albini:

This should not be construed as a call to arms, but could become at least as significant as the Ska revival or perhaps the WNBA.


Aqueduct, SLU Block Party

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aqueduct, south lake union block party 2008

Aqueduct played a great set outdoors at the South Lake Union Block Party this year. Who want to rock with the Aqueduct? There’s a new Aqueduct photo gallery online. The photos just posted, but already one has become the Three Imaginary Girls photo of the day. Cheers TIG!

Bugs in Amber, SLU Block Party

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bugs in amber, south lake union block party 2008

A friend of mine Rudy plays drums for Bugs in Amber. Here is a gallery of their set at the 2008 South Lake Union Block Party.