May 9, 2007

Soundview Trail in University Place

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Soundview trail The Soundview Trail opened last Saturday, May 5 with a Dog Walk and Fun Run. I did not run, because, um, yeah, that’s just not my thing. We did walk the 3.8 mile paved trail around the new Chamber’s Creek Chamber’s Creek Golf Course which is slated to be opened later this year (June 23rd). I do not golf, but the grass was looking really nice out there for anyone who does.
The trail is described as such:

Located in the northern part of the Chambers Creek Properties, Soundview Trail will meet with Grandview Trail at 62nd St Ct W and at Cirque Plaza making the two trails walkable as a loop.

Also noted:

Difficulty Level: Difficult (grades in excess of 10%)

Dude. I wish I had known that in advance. I think the English Bulldog would have appreciated some head’s up on the grade as well. Deciding to flat out quit at the top of the trail, I had to go get the car to come back and get her. Here are some photos from the trail.

July 22, 2006

Spin, stay, shake

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Spin, stay, shake

Last weekend we hit the Humane Society’s Dog-A-Thon down at Forst Steilacoom park. My wife put herself (and her dog) on the task and helped to raise $500 toward the no kill shelter in Pierce County. I think overall, the event raised $151,000, up $30K from last year. This was a pretty good opportunity to shoot some photos, and that I did. There are a bunch of dog-a-thon photos up on my Flickr site.