February 19, 2006


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I’ve just discovered a slick application launching tool for the Mac. The developer’s site claims “Namely is possibly the fastest way to open applications.” Hmm. That is possible. Previously, I’d been using the dock as it’s intended – to store aliases that invoke applications to run. Using this method however, I found my dock was getting super-cluttered. Using Namely, I’m able to keep core apps in the dock, but ditch icons I use all the time. If I need to get a phone number, I hit the hot-key combo and type in Address Book and hit enter. Bang. There’s my stuff. When I’m done with it, it’s out of my way. It’s a very similar workflow to searching a Mac with Spotlight. Nice work Amar.


  1. Haven’t tried Namely, but I use LaunchBar regularly and like it a lot. Quicksilver is also pretty nice… Both of these predate Spotlight by quite a bit.

    Comment by jamie — July 24, 2006 @ 10:29 am

  2. Thanks Jamie. I’ve not tried LaunchBar, but I did demo Quicksilver, which I was quite impressed by initially, but my interest waned. I think honestly the draw to Namely for me is the simplicity of it. It routinely and reliably performs one task for me, application launch. There’s very little learning curve by design, and I appreciate that. Hot key. Launch. Back to work.

    I should probably also try LaunchBar, but unless it’s completely stellar, it’s very unlikely I’d pay the cover charge.

    Comment by sparkrobot — July 24, 2006 @ 10:48 am

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